Lewis Floyd Henry + Thomas Ford

May 17th, 2019 / 20:30
Cinéma Sauvenière

Soirée blues !

Lewis Floyd Henry

Lewis Floyd Henry (egt,voc,perc)

Far from the overproductions and big showbiz machines, Lewis Floyd Henry composes and scrambles the tracks, this one-man band revisits the musical genres and mixes in his own way the great international hits. Mythical bands like the Rolling Stones, Metallica, JimmyHendrix and Motorhead flirt tirelessly with the Wu-Tang Clan, Notorious B.I.G. and the Clash !
A regular on the cobbled streets of the English capital, he works tirelessly to capture the attention and nourish the eardrums of listeners with his festive, raw and hard music.
On stage, he moves with power and inventiveness. He will set fire to the stage of La Brasserie Sauvenière for the release of his new album, Blues baby !

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Thomas Ford

Thomas Ford (egt,voc,hca, perc)

Blues, real, roots, blues from the south of Mississippi in all simplicity! Thomas Ford comes to us from Cornwall, has never visited the United States and yet plays to a sold-out audience at each of his performances. He uses the legends of the Delta to compose a very lively music. With a classic and distinguished appearance, he transforms himself once on the stage into an excited and boisterous one-man band bursting with energy. Singer, guitarist, harmonica player and percussionist, he is the current revelation of European blues.
His slide guitar playing, his scenic presence and his typically British humour make him an essential of the genre.

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