Vincent Peirani quintet feat Emile Parisien + Stephane Galland "Mystery of Kem"

May 16th, 2019 / 19:00
Cité Miroir

Vincent Peirani quintet feat Emile Parisien

Winner of the 2013 Django Reinhardt Prize and the 2014 Victoire de la Musique Award, Vincent Peirani has done some accordéon a real rock instrument. Young virtuoso musicians, a group of friends, a real project collective, it is all the art of Vincent Peirani, the accordionist that everyone is fighting for. A musician without borders, he embraces collaborations in all directions and defies limits musical, ranging from classical to variety, including rock (Living Being I and II with its reinterpretations of LedZep), contemporary music and cinema (composer for Barbara d'Amalric).
A charismatic musician, he will undoubtedly leave his mark in the Cité Miroir hall on May 16.

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Stephane Galland "Mystery of Kem"

Stéphane Galland (dms) Sylvain Debaisieux (ts) Bram De Looze (pn) Federico Stocchi (cb) Ravichandra Kulur (fl)

A new project orchestrated by one of Belgium's best drummers is an event that every good festival must welcome. Stéphane Galland and his new quintet of young prodigy mu- sicians eager for collective adventures rally the opposites. They redefine our perceptions of music and life by combining slowness with speed, simplicity with complexity, black and white through positive music made of multicultural encounters and complex and sophisticated rhythms.
Try to unravel the mystery of the Black Land of Ancient Egypt on May 16, 2018 !

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