Fabien Mary Octet + Itamar Borochov

May 17th, 2019 / 19:00
Cité Miroir

Fabien Mary Octet

Fabien Mary (tp,arr) Pierrick Pedron (as) David Sauzay ts,fl) Thomas Savy (bs) Jerry Edwards (tb)
Yves Brouqui (gt) Fabien Marcoz (cb) Stéphane Chandelier (dms)

Fabien Mary updates the ele- gance and melodic lines of some of the great trumpeters such as Chet Baker, Miles Davis, Clifford Brown. When he resided in NYC, it was following a forced immobiliza- tion of the collarbone that the French trumpeter wrote with his left hand eight of the nine titles of "Left arm blues". For his last record, which he will present in Liege, his quartet is transformed into a byte with the presence of four excellent blowers Pierrick Pedron, David Sauzay, Thomas Savy and Jerry Edwards.
A fine trumpeter and composer, at the head of an eight-piece orchestra, Fabien Mary will bring a breath of fresh air and modernity to the Cité Miroir stage. Class !

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Itamar Borochov

Itamar Borochov - trumpet Rob Clearfield - piano Cedric Raymond - bass Daniel Dor - Drums

A newcomer to the Western jazz landscape to discover urgently! With the output of his latest album Blue Nights, the Israeli-American trumpeter and composer has won over audiences and critics with his lyricism and wellpositioned virtuosity. His music links Manhattan to North Africa, Brooklyn to the Middle East tradition and Israel to the former Bukhara. Itamar Borochov conveys a unique sound with an ever-increasing love for Arab-Israeli musical sensibilities that he associates with the tradition of Jazz made in USA.

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