May 18th, 2019 / 19:00
Cité Miroir


Shai Maestro (pn) Jorge Roeder (cb) Ofri Nehemya (dms)

Shai Maestro is today THE must-have pianist of his generation. So surprisingly his name rings no bells, you can only have heard him alongside the double bass player Avishai Cohen whom he accompanied for five years. In 2010ë he formed his own trio which was immediately acclaimed by critics and scheduled for a tour of more than 80 concerts. The Shai Maestro trio is currently recording their fifth album, this time on Manfred Eicher ECM's label.
The trio offers us a music that is both romantic and lyrical, where the subtle and introspective playing of the piano is wonderfully highlighted. Other moments, incisive and dynamic while carefully avoiding immature virtuosity, reveal a perfect cohesion of the group.

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Ivo Neame (pn) Jasper Høiby (cb) Anton Eger (dms)

The most surprising and inventive Anglo-Danish trio of the last ten years is back with its eighth opus. Since Phronesis was formed in 2005 by double bassist Jasper Hoiby, the group's charismatic and inspired concerts have left their mark on audiences. Their latest album "We are All" released by Edition Records has a humanist message focused on protecting the planet. The osmosis and interaction between the three musicians, pianist Ivo Neame and drummer Anton Eger, earned them unanimity in the international press and numerous awards. A speech and an energy to be discovered in the setting of the Cité Miroir.

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