Tombeau d'Apollinaire + Phil Maggi "Animal wrath trio"

May 16th, 2019 / 20:30
La Halte

Tombeau d'Apollinaire

Steve Houben (ts,fl) Thierry Devillers (lecteur) Jean-Christophe Renault (pn,comp)

Created on the occasion of the centenary of the death of Guillaume Apollinaire (1880-1918), Tombeau d'Apollinaire is a continuation of Letter Music. The show draws, among other things, on the poems in the collection Alcools, from which Le voyageur and the famous Zone are derived. Referring to Alan Ginsberg's poem at Apollinaire's grave, it is also a tribute to the poets of the Beat generation and the Surrealists of whom he is the precursor. A creation that honours the life and biography of the poet; that revives the free verses of the murdered poet and revives the rotting enchanter whose soul and ethyl vapours wander forever...

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Phil Maggi "Animal wrath trio"

Phil Maggi (voc,électro) Tom Malmendier (dms,perc) Xavier Dubois (egt,électro)

Vocalist and composer since 2004, Phil Maggi (singer/leader of the group Ultraphallus) explores various musical styles ranging from atmospheric psychedelism to abrasive rock, noise and contemporary music. Using sampling, field recordings and all the acoustic or electronic possibilities that are available to him, Phil Maggi develops his own style where captivating atmospheres and mysterious vocal passages unfold and form a dreamlike sound poetry, constantly reinventing a language of his own, an intense primordial music that evokes the trance of traditional music to which he devotes a most authentic love. He surrounds himself for this concert by Xavier Dubois and Tom Malmendier.

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