Gratitude trio + Grégoire Tirtiaux solo

May 18th, 2019 / 19:30
La Halte

Gratitude trio

Jeroen Van Herzeele (sax, ewi, effects) Louis Favre (dms,voc) Alfred Vilayleck (eb)

This Franco-Belgian power trio is a real stage phenomenon. The three musicians got together in 2010 around a common desire to move the lines, not far from a Coltranian interstellar universe. Their music is generous, powerful and unpredictable, combining the libertarian breath of free jazz with the energy of rock, all with a hint of strolls, groove and electronic sounds. A perfect recipe that the Gratitude Trio shares with an ever-growing audience. Lovers of musical adventures, come and share this moment of emotion and happiness that Gratitude offers us at each of its stage performances.

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Grégoire Tirtiaux solo

Grégoire Tirtiaux (bs,as)

It is the fascinating story of a great musician who is one with his saxophone. Seeker of sound and emotion, Grégoire Tirtiaux is an inexhaustible spiritual traveller who puts his instrument at the service of all musical experiences and encounters. The various projects that punc- tuate his career have led him to evolve with Gnawa, Indian, West African, Gypsy and... Belgian musicians. You will witness the continuous breath, the trance and a state of advanced meditation with this true guru of Jazz, world music and improvised music. A journey beyond perceptions.

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