May 19th, 2019 / 19:00
La Halte


"A musical project from Liège bringing together pianist Johan Dupont, vibraphonist Martin Méreau and clarinettist Jean- François Foliez.
They will present compositions by the three members of the group influenced by pop, jazz and classical music.
A trio of shock and long-time friends! Get ready to travel in a real musical.. triptych".

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Farida Amadou (eb) Tom Malmendier (dms, perc) feat. Pavel Tchikov (theremine)

Attention talents!
The Liège duo Farida Amadou/ Tom Malmendier, born in 2015, is the result of multiple projects by the Oeil Kollectif. These high potentials of impro- vised music travel the world to meet musicians with a common creative inspiration. Nystagmus' music is mainly influenced by noise, external elements, smells, the mood of the moment, the present moment, by everything that grooves... and by everything that does not groove. For this concert, the duo will be augmented by Pavel Tchikov and his amazing and explosive theremin. An impro-noise-electro session that will amaze many, just be curious !

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