Ibrahim Maalouf (dans le cadre du Mithra Jazz 2021)

domingo 10 abril 20:00 - Le Forum

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Ibrahim Maalouf

Event concert at Mithra Jazz with Ibrahim Maalouf at the Forum de Liège.

Ibrahim Maalouf is the story of a young gifted musician who, over the years, has freed himself from the constraints of his career as a classical soloist to explore different sound worlds. At the crossroads of musical genres, the Franco-Lebanese trumpet player is at the heart of his era, where boldness and daring are encouraged.

Awarded and decorated on several occasions, Ibrahim Maalouf performs on stages all over the world. He has quickly become a key figure, notably for his ability to colour music with his improvisations, and has collaborated with many artists such as Sting, Matthieu Chédid, Juliette Gréco, Salif Keita and Fakear, to name but a few.

Described as a "virtuoso" by the New York Times, the artist is about to unveil his 11th studio album, "S3NS", with a Cuban flavour. Heated horns, energetic percussion, a rhythmic pattern carved out of the rock. Not really jazz, not exactly pop, and sometimes rock, Ibrahim Maalouf invites the public to share his mixed, fresh, nostalgic, but always unclassifiable music. Ibrahim and his 15 musicians will take you on a journey through an album that pays tribute to Latin culture and Afro-Cuban Maalouf's own way!

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