19 Mai 2019 / 16:00
Le Village

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For the first time this year, Mithra Jazz is open to young music lovers. Children from 3 years old will be offered a unique and totally free concert (for young and old). A first not to be missed under any circumstances ! The story of Disney and its film music by funny "Nerds"...
With jubilation, four musicians recount the history of Walt Disney's cartoons, from his first feature films to the present day, by articulating them around a timeline. Music and accessory stops are made on some of his most emblematic and popular productions. The sound illustrations are rearranged and played by instruments different from those used in the original version. The musicians offer a fanfare rereading, using instruments that are sometimes unknown, such as the trombone or the sousaphone, in particular.
As self-respecting "nerds" (translate "young adults with antisocial tendencies and excessively focused on the intellect"), they adopt an offbeat behaviour and dress that makes them both hilarious and touching.

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Groovy, pêchu et non dénué d’humour, ce groupe, composé de quatre musiciens (trois instruments à vent et une petite batterie mobile), balance des reprises de tubes façon "Pocket brass band" (mini fanfare): de Britney Spears à Pharrell Williams, en passant par la bande originale de Rocky et beaucoup d'autres tubes encore, principalement des années 90. Vous avez dit décalé ?

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