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may 2024





KAU (formerly KAU trio) is a Brussels-based band. Representing diverse European backgrounds, their reunion is in the spirit of the city in which they grew up. Drawing inspiration from jazz, they create a head-bobbing atmosphere using broken beats and heavy grooves while leaving plenty of room for improvisation.


"The Cycle Repeats" is KAU's debut album and represents an important milestone in the band's musical journey: it's their firm decision to present a strong, unified trio playing music distinguished by the combination of 80s synthesizers, acoustic drums and electric bass. What's more, the album manages to capture the energy of their legendary and infectious live shows.


Album opener 'Kampala', with its throbbing bass line, jazzy synths and heavily modified arpeggiators, is one of the standout tracks. The album's first single, "Little Steps", begins with a powerful hip hop groove, which morphs into Herbie Hancock-style chords. "Amulet" is inspired by breakbeats, fast grooves and pentatonic bass lines. Kautokeino" and "Alaska" are an invitation to travel to the remotest places on this earth, using intense sequences and suffocating basslines for an epic finale, probably showing the trio at their most sincere.