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may 2024

Yoni Mayraz



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Yoni Mayraz

Fast-rising jazz musician Yoni Mayraz exorcises the dark spirits within in his fiery new album, "Dybbuk Tse!", released on Astigmatic Records. Yoni combines jazz with elements of '90s New York hip hop, old-school breakbeats and Middle Eastern music to create shimmering new hybrid forms.

A highly skilled keyboardist and producer, Yoni burst onto the new jazz scene in 2020 with Rough Cuts, an EP that introduced the world to his unique musical style. 
He's won praise for the raw energy of his dancefloor-focused live shows while headlining legendary venues and festivals.

Recorded live with his band during a spring week last year, "Dybbuk Tse!" sees Yoni channeling his native folklore - the title alludes to the command to eliminate a malevolent wandering spirit (the Dybbuk) that enters and possesses the body of a living person until it is cast out - to pose ideas of emotional exorcism through music.
The new album has been hailed by radio stations and magazines around the world, including BBC 6 (UK), FIP Radio (France), RTE (Ireland) and CLASH Magazine,

"One of the best jazz albums of the year" TJ Gorton (SF Jazz)

Line up:

Yoni Mayraz - Keyboards

Tom Driessler - bass

Zoe Pascal - drums

Callum Connell - saxophone