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may 2024




Le Forum


Sensitive and cinematic trio GoGo Penguin are back playing music from their exhilarating new album Everything Is Going to Be OK, born from a time of turmoil and loss.Optimistic of their new departure, with a new drummer, a new record, a new label and a subtly-updated and expanded sound, the band ushers in a more sonically liberated era.After a personally difficult time for the group, including profound personal loss and grief, the studio offered GoGo Penguin a sanctuary from real life, resulting in a project drawing strength from shared understanding and empathy. “Through our hardships, together, we will emerge stronger; everything is going to be ok". With the enthusiasm of new beginnings, the Manchester breakbeat trio enriches what has made them strong and successful: powerful bass, melodic piano, unpredictable drums and catchy riffs. Come and join their striking return to the prestigious stage of the Forum de Liège!