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may 2024




Hotel Declerxc


    GribouJazz has set itself a major challenge. To give youngsters a taste for jazz through a concert combining live music, video animation and commentary, all with a resolutely playful approach.

    The roots of this musical genre are told through a combination of technical terms and colourful, attractive characters: the walking bass, the spider drums swing, while melody and harmony, represented respectively by a volatile saxophone and a paintbrush, complete this animated fresco. And, of course, the music always has the last word.

    The approach is based on the threefold correspondence between key concepts, images and music, which are gradually combined, before deploying the magic springs of improvisation and groove in jazz compositions.

    Target audience 5-12 years, older siblings welcome.

    This show will be an opportunity for children to discover jazz and its ancestral roots.