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Jazzmeia Horn is an accomplished artist, designer, singer and songwriter. Her vocal gifts have been compared to the style of iconic jazz women such as Betty Carter, Sarah Vaughan and Nancy Wilson. She has been nominated three times for a GRAMMY Award for Best Jazz Vocal Album and won the prestigious NAACP Image Award for her album Love & Liberation.Born in Texas in 1991, Horn grew up in a creative and spiritual family and was introduced to singing by her grandmother, a gospel pianist with a passion for jazz. Although she sang from a very young age, it was not until high school that she developed an interest in jazz. Introduced to Sarah Vaughan by her music composition teacher, Horn fell in love with Vaughan's style and worked hard to learn her phrasing and inflection. Jazzmeia Horn attempts to understand how the songs could be in tune with what is true for her and what is true in her reality as a black woman, but also be relatable to anyone outside of her culture. Her songs speak of love in many ways; love for her community, love for her culture, love for her partner, love for her children and love for herself. They are love letters addressed to everyone!