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In 2022, Aka Moon celebrated 30 years of exploration, travels, stages and encounters. Their 24th recording, Quality of Joy, is steeped in harmony, idealism and companionship. It is a keystone album which profoundly explores new paths and new relationships with lyricism. Also, it is in line with a distinctive version of the present day, which resembles a new world. Quality of Joy is the result of a very long process: from writing, laboratory sessions, Cassol learning a new instrumental technique and enriched through saxophone workshops, in order to complete the extended recordings over nine months. From these new vibrations to the evolution of the sound, everything is linked, leaving little to chance.

Aka Moon’s secret of longevity lies in their incessant pursuit of melody and rhythm, plus, in broadening their knowledge and horizons through the crossover of musical cultures from the four corners of the world. When travel and concerts were no longer possible due to the pandemic, Fabrizio embarked on an inner exploration in search of ‘memory bubbles’ scattered in his head from all his past musical experiences. It is subtle work, focused on the emotions linked to these intonations, to the paths and to the melodic and harmonic doors that they open.

Line-up: Fabrizio Cassol (Saxophone & Comp). Michel Hatzigeorgiou (Fender Bass) Stephane Galland (Drums)


The Orchestral Constellation: 

João Barradas, Accordions

Adèle Viret, Cello

Pierre-Antoine Savoyat, Trumpet

Nathan Surquin, Trombone

Adrien Lambinet, Trombone