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may 2024






    The Batignolles Indian

    By explicitly naming his new album “An Indian's Life”, double bassist and composer, Henri Texier, brings a beautiful ending to a sort of informal phonographic triptych which he started in 1993, with “An Indian's Week” and continued in 2016, with “Sky Dancers”, making the Native American cause and, beyond that, the quasi-mythological figure of the Indian, both the imaginary matrix and the poetic engine of his artistic gesture.

    Most of his compositions are named after Indian tribes (Hopi, Comanche, Mapuche, Navajo Dream, etc.). Unlike his previous record, with arrangements sometimes centered around certain elements that resonate with Native American music (in particular, the use of drums on Dakota Mab), with this engaged work, Texier has succeeded in considerably renewing his orchestral voice with great expressive force. Henri Texier knows that he will never be an Indian, just as he will never be Charles Mingus, but they both intersect in his music and, ingeniously, he uses this imaginary dialogue to make his most intimate voice heard. As part of a sextet, the European Jazz legend will share his music inspired by travel, daydreams and dedication!

    Henri Texier, Double Bass

    Sébastien Texier, Sax, Clarinet

    Carlo Nardozza, Trumpet

    Manu Codjia, Guitar

    Gautier Garrigue, Drums