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may 2024

Jewel Usain




Jewel Usain

What's left to do after finishing a game's difficult mode? That's the question Jewel Usain faced after releasing his latest project, "Mode Difficile", in 2021. His answer is illustrated in a 17-track debut full-length album, entitled "Where the Boys Grow Up". Jewel Usain grew up in the Paris suburb of Argenteuil. Passionate about music, he became an artist himself, active and present on the French rap scene from the mid-2010s. His latest project put him firmly on the map. In it, he evoked the difficulties of a salaried life from which he sought to escape. Another era.

As if the controller had been put away at the back of a drawer, "Où les garçons grandissent" is a real update of Jewel Usain's artistic proposition. Carried by quality arrangements and a solid narrative, this coherent work follows the sincere approach of an artist in full evolution, who nourishes the ambition to install himself without blushing in the pile of great albums of this new generation of French rap. It was in the hands of Rémy Béseau, the multi-talented composer present on the majority of the album, that the musical color he had in mind became apparent. Far from sticking to rap, which he has mastered perfectly, Jewel Usain brilliantly ventures into fields that require precision and sensitivity: where we discover him just as at ease with neo-soul and R&B colors as with true gospel harmonies. Alongside him, the voices of elegant MCs such as Prince Waly, Tuerie and singer HEDGES naturally cross paths.

"Où les garçons grandissent" is an album that confirms Jewel Usain's talent. His rage and spirit of revenge shine through, as do his thoughts and emotions. After going through a difficult period, he has now settled into a more serene one, and with this album offers music that is destined not only to grow with his audience, but also, and above all, to expand.