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may 2024






    A siren from the meanders of the Senegal River. A member of a famous family of Saint-Louis intellectuals, including writers, diplomats and schoolteachers, Maïmouna Sourang (real name) was a long way from embarking on a musical career. But the die had already been cast, as even a siren cannot escape the call of her own. From an early age, and after finishing her secondary education in the Terminale class, music began to flow through her veins. Within her household, every event becomes an opportunity to sing traditional and popular songs, drawn from her rich cultural heritage.

    Maïna gradually matured by fusing the styles of various African music divas. This has given rise to her unique, personal style, oscillating between an interesting mix of jazz, desoul and pop, with her imagination as the sole anchor. With her undeniable mastery of swing, she has been moving forward resolutely since 2015, following in the footsteps of illustrious figures such as Amy Winehouse, Dee Dee Bridgewater and Adèle, to name but a few. She makes no secret of her joy or her ambition to become the queen of global pop-soul. The will and determination of this young girl are inherent in the professional careers of all great musicians. To make this noble ambition a reality, she travels the world's stages, elegantly carrying her faith and her guitar.