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    Four great pianists share 2 pianos and 2 Fender Rhodes for an exclusive and enticing collaboration. Each in their own style, these keyboard musketeers have left their mark on the history of French jazz. One example of this? They each have a Victoire du Jazz award on their mantelpiece. Baptiste Trotignon won in 2003, Pierre de Bethmann in 2008, Eric Legnini in 2011 and Bojan Z in 2012.

    Since their inaugural concert at Tourcoing Jazz in 2019, the quartet has already played thirty dates, not forgetting their performances at major jazz festivals such as Marciac, La Villette, Monte-Carlo and Jarasum in South Korea.

    With a repertoire mischievously mixing standards and personal compositions, the four comrades promise an album worthy of their sonic battles celebrated on stage. Brace yourself!

     Eric Legnini:

    Eric Legnini first made his mark in the mid-1990s as the young, discreet but highly talented pianist of the Stefano Di Battista quartet. His piano was a perfect foil for the fiery and voluble alto saxophonist. His open, generous style springs directly from the dark heart of jazz : rich phrasing, refined and sensual, always marrying itself effortlessly to the melody and the vocal. An exceptional talent for swing, grounded in a rigor and sobriety in his rhythmic placing worthy of the great masters of the hard bop. It was not long before Legnini became the grounding element amongst the disparate temperaments of the Di Battista quartet, as well as one of the most requested sidemen of the Rue des Lombards set.


    Baptiste Trotignon : 

    Baptiste Trotignon studied piano and classical music since the age of six and discovered jazz and improvisation as a teenager. His first two trio albums in the early 2000's (followed by two solo piano albums which both received major public and critical acclaim) brought him to people's attention as one of the most spectacular member of a new generation of pianists, and brought him to perform at many major international venues.


    Pierre de Bethmann : 

    Born in 1965 and raised in Paris, France, Pierre de Bethmann began classical piano lessons at age 6, and soon discovered the world of jazz. He continued his musical and regular studies apace, graduated from ESCP in 1987 (major French graduate school of management), and studied one year at Berklee College of Music (Boston) in 1989. He started working as a management consultant for five years, before abandoning the desk to become a fulltime professional musician in 1995.

    He first co-founded trio PRYSM with Christophe Wallemme and Benjamin Henocq. From 1995 to 2001, Prysm recorded four albums on Blue Note, performed over fifty concerts a year, including several tours in the U.S., Canada, Japan, major European festivals and the Middle East.

    He then raised another project in 2001, under the code name ILIUM, exclusively based on original music, which recorded four albums in different combos, and lately a 10 to 12 piece MEDIUM ENSEMBLE, which has played in many major French venues, and released three albums between 2014 and 2019.

    Bojan Z