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Wajdi's trio was formed in Brussels in 2020. The three musicians - Wajdi Riahi (piano), Basile Rahola (double bass) and Pierre Hurty (drums) - are inseparable, united by a strong friendship and several musical projects. On stage, their dynamic is solid and complicit, full of smiles and connivance.

Following a proposal from Spanish label Fresh Sounds Records, the trio recorded their first repertoire, Mhamdeya, named after the Tunisian town where the pianist grew up.

The opus was released in 2022, and its quality and originality were immediately hailed by the Belgian and French press. It propelled the trio onto the stages of clubs and festivals for a fine first tour: Jamm'in Juan, Festival d'Aix-en-Provence, Pan Piper Paris, Jazz04 au Fil de l'Eau Liège, Les Sentiers de Sart-Risbart, Pelzer jazz Club Liège, Jazz Station Bruxelles,... The group is also one of the three finalists in the Gent Jazz Young Talent 2023 competition.

In June 2023, the group immortalizes its second repertoire at the legendary La Buissonne studio in the south of France. Essia is released on the Spanish label on December 1, 2023, with a number of great concerts already planned for 2024.

Stambeli and Gnawa music are the founding roots of this second album. The organic architecture of these African and North African rhythms blends seamlessly with the complex, dense fabric of jazz.

Line-up : Wajdi Riahi, Basile Rahola Pierre Hurty