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may 2024






The trio of pianist Johan Dupont, bassist Bo Waterschoot and drummer and percussionist Stephan Pougin promises an evening full of emotion. 
Johan Dupont, a classically trained pianist, studied improvised music with Garett List at the Conservatory of Liège and jazz with Eric Legnini at the Conservatoire Royal de Bruxelles. A curious and playful improviser with a never-demonstrative ease, he has accompanied gypsy guitarist Samson Smith and opera singers Julie Mossay and Sarah Laulan. 
Bo Waterschoot, who also studied with Michel Hatzigeorgiou at the Conservatoire Royal de Bruxelles and then at the prestigious Musician Institute in Los Angeles, is a true master of the bass in all its forms. She has accompanied artists such as Urban Trad, Sébastien Duthoit, Bruno Castellucci and Sophie Cavez, to name but a few, in repertoires ranging from folk and contemporary to jazz, pop, metal, rock and Brazilian music.
Stephan Pougin, former pupil of jazz legend Billy Hart and Georges-Elie Octors (who led the ensemble Musiques Nouvelles), is an eclectic percussionist, resistant to musical boundaries, as evidenced by a career already rich in collaborations, from Tuur Floorizone to Panta Rhei, from Steve Houben to Mikis Théodorakis, from baroque music to jazz, or from folk to Bossa Nova. 
As you understood, these three are not the kind of musicians who are afraid to mix and mingle. Johan Dupont's unclassifiable compositions delicately explore a musical space bathed in childhood and nostalgia, populated with bittersweet memories of a lost paradise, where everything was possible and nothing was lacking. It is overwhelming and luminous. It took three artists as fearless as they are sensitive to venture into such territory. 
The concert accompanies the release of the trio's much anticipated debut album on Flak Records (distributed by PIAS).